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 Training Workshops


Our training sessions are designed to have you confident in best practise for gathering language evidence and understanding how technology can play its part in your language activity.

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Language Project Planning

  • Identifying what knowledge you have and how to protect it
  • Identifying knowledge gaps and/or potential knowledge sources      
  • Planning best approach to obtain and record knowledge
  • Gathering your tools to record and protect knowledge
  • Getting your physical space organised
  • Best library practice approaches
  • And more
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Digital Archiving

  • Understanding how Miromaa can work for your Language project
  • Entering information into Miromaa database fields using best archival practice
  • Uploading photos, audio, video and text documents from your computer to Miromaa


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Mastering your Recording Tools

  • PHOTOS: Taking, storing and editing using Microsoft Photo Story
  • AUDIO: Recording, editing and production (using Audacity (free software); laptop and Zoom with a digital recorder; file formats: .wav and .mp3
  • VIDEO: Recording, editing and production using Microsoft Moviemaker; file formats: mpeg and avi files
  • Transferring digital data from your equipment to your computer
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Creating Resources via Miromaa

Using the data stored in Miromaa, your can then create amazing lanuage and culture resources - also via Miromaa.

  • Dictionaries 
  • Picture word lists
  • Education posters
  • Web pages (html) with pictures, text and audio
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