We would look at the first day being a back to basic introduction and getting you back on track day, the next two days would be more specific in helping you really get to grips with using technology for your language activity. We envisage that the first day would be optional, those who are comfortable with the basics of Miromaa would not need to attend this day.

The next two days would include group lead activities in using Miromaa, Lexique Pro and other software programs, we will have on hand the latest technology hardware including Zoom recorders, digital cameras and video equipment. We will also attend to your own personal situations and needs in a one on one basis if so required.

Day 1

The morning will consist of a demonstration of Miromaa and the major software programs that will be learnt; during this time participants will setup their own language database and have some practical use of it.

The essence of working in a language program whether the outcomes are to produce resources or preserve a language is excellent storing of language/knowledge. Miromaa enforces excellent archive practices and these will be learnt as we progress.

Participants will be given time to enter about 10 entries of language records into Miromaa, these records will then be used by everyone in examining the features of Miromaa and then using this data to export and begin making lexical resources with other software.

During this process we will expose everyone to the wonderful world of Multimedia through using cameras and audio recorders.

The goal of Day 1 is to be totally comfortable with using Miromaa and understanding of its features. Everyone should also have a good understanding of best practice for recording of multimedia.

Day 2

As day 1 introduced everyone to other software products like Lexique Pro, Photostory etc. Today everyone will learn in-depth how to use these auxiliary programs. They will continue to use Miromaa and by the end of Day 2 will be experts at using Miromaa.

Lexicons, Word Lists, HTML Web pages and distributable lexical cd's should be able to be produced by each participant. If time allows Photostory and other software will be reviewed.

Day 3

Depending on how the previous 2 days have gone, day 3 may be used to continue on what was missed from the previous days (a catchup day), it will also include refreshes of all of the products used. This day will also be used to look at producing real resources that could be used at anytime for preserving and teaching of language, this may be led by the participants or we may decide on the exact outcomes as we get more familiar with everyone.