Training Area Setup

We envisage that the area will comprise of some tables joined length ways together with people being able to sit on either side and also in pairs if sharing a computer, the more room the better. There will also be setup a separate table which will have its own computer and recording equipment, this will be to replicate an environment that participants may wish to have set up back in community. This area will be used to do personal audio recordings and other tasks as needed.

As we will be bringing a data projector we will need a projector screen at the front of the room and maybe also a whiteboard for notes and an area for the trainers computer to be setup with the projector.

Equipment that the Miromaa team will bring:

  1. Minimum 8 laptops - Dell Latitude's Pentium III

  2. 1 x Data Projector - BENQ

  3. Portable speakers - Logitech

  4. Digital still cameras - Sony DSC's and Canon Digital SLR

  5. Digital Video Camera - Sony HD MiniDV camcorder

  6. Digital Audio Recorder - Zoom H4 digital recorder

  7. Rhode HQ Microphone

  8. Creative Sound Blaster USB Sound Mixer

  9. Audio Techniks Microphone

  10. Logitech Headphone and Mic headset

  11. Various Mic Stands and mini tripods

Software that will be installed on computers will mainly comprise of:

  1. Miromaa - Language Program

  2. Audacity - audio software

  3. Lexique Pro - lexicon creator and MDF Dictionary maker

  4. Toolbox - Linguistic analysis software and MDF Dictionary maker

  5. Adobe Reader

  6. Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Suite or Open Office Suite

  7. Microsoft PhotoStory

  8. Microsoft MoveMaker

  9. Photo manipulation program TBA

Participants need to bring the following:

  • LANGUAGE EVIDENCE - this can be dictionaries, recordings, speakers, wordlists, current language recources, etc.
  • Each participant needs to have good sound computer skills and an understanding of file management and the basic use of Windows XP and Microsoft Office.

    Computers for Dummies (pay no attention to the name) website has many tutorials about working with the basics of Windows XP and Vista.