"our languages need your help today not tomorrow"

The goals of the training sessions would to be to have you confident in:

  • using Miromaa and all of its features
  • digital archiving techniques
  • best practise for gathering language evidence
  • producing dictionaries and picture word lists using Lexique Pro
  • producing multimedia cd's using Lexique pro
  • producing html / Internet language pages with pictures, text and audio
  • be sound in using Audacity as a sound editing and production program for making wave, mp3 and podcast files
  • in using Microsoft products like photostory and moviemaker.
  • understand how technology can fit and play its part in your Language Maintenance activity for your people and your community.


All participants will achieve a good understanding of practical skills in the following:

  • Excellent users of Miromaa
  • Storing and editing still photographic images
  • Importing digital media to the computer
  • Creating resources from stored data
  • Recording metadata
  • Recording standards, from basic to archival. The appropriate applications of wav, mp3, mpeg and avi files.
  • Digital audio Recording: People will have been shown how to record language using either a laptop computer with Audacity (free software) or with a Zoom digital recorder.
  • Editing digital audio files
  • Storing and editing still digital images: Using Microsoft free software or other alternative.
  • Transferring digital data from equipment to computer:
  • Managing text, audio, still and video images on the computer to produce language resources with the Miromaa Language Program. Participants will have been taught how to use the program and began inputting data and images to create their own wordlists.
  • How to produce a dictionary and lexicons
  • Recording standards: from basic to archival. The appropriate applications of wav, mp3, mpeg and avi files.




Our staff will always be on hand to assist you.

You can help contribute to what is learnt at this training by letting us know what you want to do to.