NOTE: Miromaa is not available for download from the Internet unless you are a registered user with a license, please refer to the How to Obtain area.

Miromaa Community Dictionary Maker

pdfMiromaa Community Dictionary Maker.pdf3.63 MB


Windows 8 Installation

Some people may experience a Windows 8 installation error. The error may mention installation fail and the words 'crystal reports' if this is you please do the following:

1. Please download the latest .Net framework HERE

2. Run this install file

3. Run Miromaa3Setup.exe file once again

4. Proceed with Miromaa install steps

5. Miromaa should now install without errors

Miromaa Data Conversion

This Excel spreadsheet can be used to assist in transferring your language data from other tables to a table more suited by us to move into Miromaa with minimal fuss.

Download it and have a look, it covers the main fields which are used in Miromaa.

We now have two for you too look and choose which suits your use.

xlsData Conversion.xls




Other Recommended Downloads


  • Lexique Pro - This is a great program for making interactive lexicons or word lists, it also makes picture dictionaries and lexicons for CD’s and websites.

  • Audacity - Is an excellent freeware program for doing your audio editing, when you download it you have to remember to also get the mp3 encoder file for converting your wave files to mp3’s.

  • Toolbox - Now this is a very hard program to use, you need to have specific training for it which is best done hands on.  We use it for making Dictionaries mainly, linguists do a lot more with it, but what we have done is made Miromaa compatible with it so you can transfer all of your Miromaa data into Toolbox, this also goes for Lexique Pro.


Please visit our Toolkit Section for further information.