Firstly thank you very much for registering to attend our upcoming Miromaa workshop at Tohono O’odham Community College Workshop supported by AILDI. We are really looking forward to the workshop!

Below you will find important information regarding the workshop including instructions for steps you need to take in order to be prepared for the first day. Please read the following information and instructions carefully. We are here to help so if you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us at Miromaa ALTC directly using the ONLINE CONTACT FORM.

Training Information

In this workshop you will get to explore all facets of using Miromaa for language documentation, exploring all of it's features including it's extensive use of multimedia and archiving abilities. You will use Audacity for sound recording and may be  producing dictionaries/word lists/lexicons and other learning resources.

You will be learning skills to use in all aspects of your activities to help stop the loss of language as well as gaining skills in the digitization of your language materials for future needs.

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As you can see we have a lot to cover over the two days! In order for us to be able to get the most out of the workshop we need you to take the time to read the instructions below carefully and come to the workshop with all of the software programs installed and ready to go.

Below are step by step instructions:

Step One: Obtain your own Miromaa License

You will need to apply, obtain and have installed the Miromaa program on your laptop prior to the workshop by completing the 'License Request Form' below.

After you apply we will forward your Miromaa license to you together with instructions for downloading and installing Miromaa on your laptop. Attending and applying for Miromaa includes the cost of three (3) Miromaa software licenses allowing you to install it on 3 computers.

Please note that installing on your peronal computer should be straight forward, but if you are installing on a organisation owned laptop you may be restricted from installing software, you need to arrange this installation prior to attedning the workshop. We will not be in a position to assist on the day.

Step Two: Install the extra software programs

You will also need to install the two extra software programs mentioned above, which we will be using during the workshop. These extra software programs are free and work in conjunction with Miromaa. During the workshop you will use Audacity for sound recording and knowledge of Lexique Pro. Follow the instructions in Steps 3 and 4 for how to install these programs

Step Three: Install Audacity on your laptop

Audacity is used for sound recording and is a free open source product. Information about Audacity can be found at this website.

Please click on this link to download and install Audacity 

Step Four: Install Lexique Pro on your laptop

Lexique Pro is an interactive lexicon viewer and editor, with hyperlinks between entries, category views, dictionary reversal, search, and export tools. It's designed to display your data in a user-friendly format so you can distribute it to others.

Information about Lexique Pro -

To download Lexique Pro click on this link and follow the instructions -

Step Five: Read the what to bring section below

We have listed below what you are required to bring to the workshop. Please ensure you read this section and come to the workshop fully prepared.

What to bring to the workshop

1. Your windows based laptop with all of the installed software mentioned above ready to go. (if you have a Mac you must have Windows installed via Boot Camp or accessible in a virtual environment like Parallels)
2. Be comfortable with using your Windows computer and have a basic understanding of file management as a minimum. Ideally you will also have Microsoft Word and Excel installed
3. Have Miromaa, Audacity and Lexique Pro installed on your computer
4. Bring language samples in some form- book, paper, recordings, in your head etc.
5. Bring your own recording devices if you have them, such as a camera, microphones and digital recorders if you wish, that way you can practice with your own equipment with our assistance.
6. Come prepared with an open mind and open heart ready to do some amazing work together!


We have a fantastic support system using the remote desktop control software from TeamViewer. This is specialised software customised for us to support you. This is your support page which you need to read and follow instructions if you require our support -

If you have a Windows 8 computer just follow the instructions on this page it is actually pretty easy, but never less we are here to help.


If you like to know more about our language journey we have a lot of information on our website

Any questions prior please contact us via this ONLINE CONTACT FORM



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