The best way to describe some of the benefits of using Miromaa can best be explained in relation to the various users:

Language Worker

Language worker can also be usually defined as someone who identifies as a Indigenous person who is working in some role in either maintaining, preserving or disseminating a traditional language, their level of skills and knowledge could also identify them as a Language Speaker, Language Expert or as a Language Activist, so the term 'Language Worker' is very broad and general in its meaning.


So for any Indigenous person in a similar role Miromaa can benefit you with the following:

  • Easy to use with a minimal learning curve.
  • It empowers users in using a user friendly program which would not normally be possible.
  • Gives you the ability to be involved in all aspects of language activity.
  • Gather all written, audio and video evidence of language in one place.
  • Employ community protocols with security controls.
  • Create word lists and do basic analysis of language gathered.
  • Sets the foundation for a strong recovery of your language.
  • Help support Linguists and other academics in their work.
  • Commence learning the language immediately via the Miromaa Learning area.
  • Being a very user friendly and feature packed tool it can assist in employing in either a voluntary or paid role Indigenous people which would normally not happen.
  • If you are using Miromaa you have made it very easy to commence building a huge range of teaching and learning resources for your language.
  • Free through sponsorship program*


Language Centre

Language centres can be working on strict budgets, they can be working on many languages and also attempting to do very specialised, time consuming and difficult work.



Miromaa can benefit a language centre in the following ways:

  • Work on multiple languages.
  • Extensive feature list.
  • Minimal training required.
  • Commence recording languages immediately.
  • Can be installed in a Network environment.
  • Language centre staff can now be using technology in a manner normally reserved for highly trained people.
  • Prepare standard format marker text files of language gathered for linguists.
  • Import standard format marker text files from previous language activities by academics.
  • Compatible with Toolbox and Lexique Pro.
  • Minimise time, dollars and effort needed to produce dictionaries.
  • It provides a secure community learning environment for intermediate to advanced users.
  • Staff become more excited as they are now able to be more involved with all aspects of the language activities.
  • Digitally archive all of your sources of language evidence in a manner never seen before
  • Free through sponsorship program


Linguist, Researcher and Academic

Even if you fall in this area there are a lack of user friendly computer programs available, the excellent and very powerful Shoebox, Toolbox and Lexique Pro programs still have a fairly extensive learning curve to master the programs properly. Miromaa is in no way intending to replace these programs, far from it, its intention is to compliment these programs and we have ensured this by making sure that Miromaa can export and import from these programs with you having full control of the process. Miromaa also handles multimedia like no other program, it stores all evidence of audio and video of language in a multitude of formats. One of the most important factors that Miromaa can help you with is that it is also very user friendly for language workers and centres to use, this means that skills transfer from yourself to them can be much better regarded as these people have good tools to support your own work and it is a good method for keeping community involved with your work. This will ensure that your good work has a very strong chance of continuing and growing in todays ever changing world.

Miromaa can benefit a linguist, researcher or academic with the following:

  • User friendly linguistic area
  • Import / Export from standard format marker text files
  • Great interface and fields for field work
  • Please refer to the extensive feature list of Miromaa to understand it better.


Unfortunately it does not run in the MAC OS X environment, you would have to run it via BootCamp or Parallels.