The Miromaa software program has for many years helped you share your language in various forms including basic word lists. Until now, to make a picture dictionary or lexicon, Miromaa has packaged your language entries and exported them into other programs like Toolbox, Shoebox, FLEX or Lexique Pro. Now that has all changed with the introduction of the Miromaa Community Dictionary Maker!

The Miromaa Community Dictionary Maker comes as a new feature built right into the Miromaa software program. That means all you need is a valid Miromaa license and the latest version of Miromaa installed on your computer to be able to produce high quality, community dictionaries in just a few clicks.

The MCDM allows you to produce dictionaries based upon categories (such as wildlife, body parts, plants) library items, people, and many other alternatives. If you make a mistake, find a new word or want to reprint for any reason it can all be done right in Miromaa.

Presets and Layout

The MCDM comes ready to make your first dictionary with basic presets already chosen. We have developed an initial dictionary style template based upon a nice community based design which follows this layout:mcdm

Line 1 – language + translation (language word in bold Arial font size 10)
Line 2 – extra information (may extend of multiple lines)
Line 3 – knowledge (by default not selected)
Line 4 – part of speech (italics Arial font size 8)
Line 5 - word category (italics Arial font size 8)
Line 6 – your default image
Line 7 onwards are determined by you.
(Nb. each field starts on a new line and will use Arial font size 10)

The dictionary will also have a title page for you to customize to your language. Our initial layout includes page headers based upon first and last entry on each page, two columns of entries, page numbers and alphabetical section headings.

We have set these presets for you but please note you have full control to edit these presets and customize the dictionary to your languages’ needs. This includes controlling which information appears in your dictionary, which fields appear, whether you would like field titles or formatting by using the MCDM prefix/suffix feature. You will be able to change the sort order of how your entry fields will appear.

Document Format

MCDM will save your dictionary in the .RTF (Rich Text File) format which can then be opened by Microsoft (MS) Word and saved in .RTF or any other MS Word formats for instance .DOC or .DOCX.

You can then Save to .PDF and share it electronically or even distribute it as a eBook. There are other office programs which may open .RTF files but we only test and recommend MS Word for its compatibility and features. (We may offer alternative templates and features at a later stage)

Once you open your dictionary in MS Word you will be able to edit the document quite easily using normal editing features or even by changing styles or using find/replace amongst the many features available in MS Word. If you are familiar with editing Styles in MS Word you can change various field styles by modifying the document styles using the MS Words Styles Pane.

We hope the introduction of the Miromaa Community Dictionary Maker is something that will further help you in your language work and provide you with more opportunities to share your language quickly and easily. If you wish to continue using Toolbox, Shoebox, FLEX or Lexique Pro to produce your dictionary using the MDF standard you will be able to do so, nothing has changed there at all, Miromaa continues to export your data to those programs.

What’s Next

We have lots of ideas on what we will do next to make this one of the easiest and most powerful dictionary makers to be placed in your hands.

But this is what technology is all about, it is about empowering you to take control and produce dictionaries, word books, lexicons, knowledge books whatever you would like to call it does not matter, what does is that you now have the ability to do it yourself. The quality of what you produce will be determined by how rich you make the data that you enter into Miromaa.

So go for it, there are no excuses.

Dictionaries can become the most valuable resource you make as it will become the reference publication which all speakers and learners will draw upon. This will become the ‘go-to book’ when seeking words and meanings within your language.

We would love to hear your feedback on the Miromaa Community Dictionary Maker so please don’t hesitate to tell us about your experiences.

To learn more about the Miromaa Community Dictionary Maker you can download the instruction manual here: pdfMiromaa Community Dictionary Maker.pdf4.63 MB

Watch a video showing you how easy MCDM is