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Stories about our work

Every week we have a Miromaa story.

It might be one small moment. Or one piece of language artifact found. A word's meaning unlocked. A story come to light.

These stories belong to our Miromaa community members. They are not ours to tell. But when they share their stories with us, it shows how this language work allows us to access important cultural knowledge. And there are much more than stories to be told.

As Aboriginal peoples, our position and connection with the world around us relies not on our history but it is thousands and thousands of years of experience of gaining this understanding, this knowledge that we have from our stories to become more.

Miromaa began with reading the stories of others. Our language story begins on Awabakal Land in the 1800s. This is when Birbaan and others helped missionary Lancelot Thelkeld write down language from this place. Then our own stories of reclaiming language began in 2002. Each day, each month, a new story is found and explored. We record words and learn to speak those words for the first time.

Our Miromaa software and training takes us across our nation, to many islands beyond. Sometimes across to the other side of the world. We learn from the Pueblo people in the Rio Grande of the story about chasing the Roadrunner. This story is important to them, to that place. And through language it is told. We hear of a story from a grandson recording his grandmother’s language for the first time. She is the only one left speaking her dialect.

We can tell you stories of how we are now recording the stories of the whales. Some call them songs. But they are stories. We can tell how these stories have led us to listening to the wind, and the stories the wind tells us.

Stories of people being able to do this language work themselves are very powerful. This is genuine empowerment. And, yes, we look forward to helping others to be empowered. But what you do with your stories, in whatever form, is up to you.

Knowing the stories is just the start. These stories lead us back to living.  

Below are anonymous quotes taken from the Miromaa software licence request form (field: “We'd love to hear more about your language work here”).