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Miromaa Software


Miromaa is a simple software platform designed to empower any Indigenous individual or group to control the reclamation and sharing of their own traditional language and culture. Miromaa is language software created by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people.

In Awabakal language ’Miromaa’ means ‘saved’

This user-friendly and secure database is designed to help you gather, organise, analyse and produce outcomes for your language work, even multiple languages or dialects - with an option to create a data file per language or have all your data combined.

Work with Mirroma at a simple stand-alone desktop or on your organisation’s computer network. If you have a desktop or laptop computer*, you are on your way to Miromaa language conservation and sharing.

*Not yet suitable for MacBooks for data imput, but can share via iPhones, iPads and iTouch devices

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Easy to use

Miromaa is language software created by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people – anyone with the very basics of computer skills to more the more advanced. Miromaa has a dedicated Learning Area where you can begin your first steps immediately.

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Create dictionaries (and more) to share

With Miromaa it’s easy to create a range of printed learning tools - such as: dictionaries, wordlists and word posters. We have incorporated many filters so that you can construct a language list to suit your needs. For example, would you like a word list of just words that relate to wildlife? No problem. Just set your filters appropriately and your word list is created within seconds.

Functions for linguists

Miromaa also has a work area for linguists, with extra special fields and the capacity to import and export data from/to Toolbox, Flex and Lexique Pro. This is extremely useful for language programs where a visiting academic or linguist may have done work using these programs.      

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Excellent archive process

Every new word entered automatically receives a word id, which forever stays with that word. Miromaa asks you the source of where you found that word. If the source was a document, you can even upload a copy of that document (pdf or image) to Miromaa for storage. The source can be a scanned book, audio file, video, anything you like. The source is then accessible at any time from within Miromaa.       
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Upload multi-media

Our Aboriginal languages are traditionally an oral language, not text based. With Miromaa, you have the ability to upload and access all types of multimedia: audio files, images and video, as well as text - including MS Word, excel and PDFs.

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Create your own app 

We can help to create your own user-friendly app from the data you have fed into the Miromaa software - including hearing your language spoken. A great learning tool for people of all ages, from young ones to elders. All you need to do is select what you want from Miromaa, export it, share it with us and we create the app for you - customised to your own colour selection and home screen icon.

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Security and access

Miromaa is a very secure digital environment. You can have as many users as you like, with an option to set different levels of password access to different kinds of information. There is also a Learners Area - where only basic information and multimedia about the word you wish to teach are available.

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Unique fonts and customisable fields

For languages which use unique fonts we have added an onscreen keyboard where you can up to 30 special characters which can be entered into any field without having to remember special key combinations. Aside from the many fields which are present, including semantic domain selection and even parts of speech, there are also customisable fields available for anything beyond what Miromaa provides.        

Note: The Miromaa software is made for Windows only and Windows 10 and 11 is recommended. If you have a Mac you would need to install Windows on to your Mac via either Boot Camp or a virtual environment similar to Parallels

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Time to get your feet wet? 

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